Foldable Bluetooth keyboard_PE202


Product Description

Foldable Bluetooth keyboard_PE202

New 3 in 1 Foldable Alloy Bluetooth 3.0 Mini Keyboard For Phone Tablet PC Laptop

Product Description:

Main Features:

  1. Compatible with iOS/Android/Windows
  2. Ultra slim design offers and easy typing
  3. Automatic startup and shutdown
  4. Low voltage alarm function
  5. Scissors structure keys
  6. Material:Aluminum+ABS


  1. Keyboard layout: QWERTY.
  2. Operation distance: 10 meters.
  3. Battery capacity: 210mA, Lifetime: 300 time full charge.
  4. Working max current: 3mA, Sleep current: 0.1mA.
  5. Working time: ≥84 hours, Standby time: ≥218 days.
  6. Charging time: 2 hours.
  7. Operating temperature: -10~55℃.
  8. Key lifetime: 3 million strokes.


  1. 1pc USB charging cable

Packing Details:

  1. Color: Gray.
  2. Keyboard folding size: L146.21 x W92.6 x H15.9mm
  3. Keyboard unfolding size: L251.71 x W89.61 xH6.6mm
  4. Weight: 185G
  5. Packing size: L187 x W142 xH30mm
  6. Total weight: 263G

Recharge keyboard

When the charging indication lights turns green and flash every second:

  1. Connect the keyboard and the computer with usb charging cable, the charging indication lights will turns to stable red
  2. Keep charging the keyboard until the indication light turns off, it takes less than 2 hours
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